An additional tow hitch called a towbar often comes to the rescue of many drivers.

A correctly selected and installed traction hitch and by using best hitch lock to it can increase the vehicle's capabilities in the event of transportation of goods, protect it from a rear impact, help to pull it out of the ditch, and tow the vehicle in case of malfunction.

This device pays off quickly, but for greater savings, you can install the towbar yourself. An equally important point in the decision to supply the vehicle with TSU is its selection.

Features of the selection of the towing device

The towbar task is to provide a reliable and tight connection between the car and the trailer or other means replacing it. In this case, the towing device should not interfere with the maneuverability of two vehicles and allow a certain degree of freedom. To do this, use a ball mount that provides rotation along the vertical axis.

So that the lighting elements on the trailer can duplicate all the signals of the car during maneuvers and braking through the TSU, the electric network of the trailer and the car are connected.

At Renault Duster, the range of towbars is quite wide and differs from each other:

  • maximum permissible load;
  • general construction;
  • mounting method;
  • by type of balls.

The best option for Renault Duster 4x4 combining quality and reasonable price is the trailer towbar manufactured by Trailer, including four-wheel drive.

Installation process

Renault company cares about its customers and facilitated their self-installation of TSU by preparing in Renault Duster:

  • mounting holes protected by special plugs;
  • rubber plug in the luggage compartment for a tight electrical connection.

To do the proper installation of the towbar with your own hands, our detailed instructions will help you, and the drawing of the towbar attached to the kit. Work on the installation of the towing device must be carried out together with full safety precautions.

First of all, we release the trunk of the car, remove the spare wheel, the muffler from the rubber suspension and prepare the necessary tool. We need a screwdriver and four keys: two to 17, two to 19.

To facilitate installation work, we recommend using a viewing hole, overpass or power rails, jacks to raise the machine.

  1. Unpack the package with the trailer hitch manufactured by Trailer, divide the kit into elements.
  2. To dismantle the factory plugs, open the trunk. Plastic plugs are located under the skin, on the left and right of the trunk with two holes. Carefully open access to them and trying not to damage the paintwork of the car, we pry it off with a screwdriver on both sides and remove them.
  3. We take the mounting bolts from the kit, insert into the resulting holes. To protect the bolts, we use the sleeves supplied with the package with welded bolts. We install them inside the spars.
  4. We move under the car and visually see the end of the fastener. However, you can see it just by looking under the car.
  5. Now we take the side brackets of the TSU, put on the ends of the bolts, then be sure to - the washers and bait the nuts, tightening with a 19 key, taking into account possible adjustment.
  6. The next step in installing the TSU is the installation of the transverse beam. Before this action, we try on the transverse beam to match the distance obtained between the side plates of the towbar.
  7. Further, having combined the holes on the beam and the sidewall on one side, insert the bolt from the wheel side and bait with the nut. We perform the same actions on the other hand. We adjust the location of the transverse beam and tighten all the nuts well, pre-lubricating the threads on them. When installing and tightening the bolts on a four-wheel drive vehicle, the beam should be pulled back along the machine.
  8. The assembly of the power elements of the towing device ends with the installation of a towing hook, which is fastened with bolts and self-locking nuts from the purchased kit and tighten the nuts using the keys at 17. The photo shows the installation site.

Electrical connection

  1. Electrics - the last step to complete the installation of the towbar on Renault Duster. First, a socket is installed on the small towbar. Putting it is not difficult.
  2. Next, release the plug for the wiring in the trunk floor. We wiring from the outlet into the vacated holes.
  3. Further connection of the TSU wires according to the instructions from the production The trailer should be made in a car service.
  4. Renault Duster has an on-board computer and a multiplex network. Do-it-yourself electrical connection of the outlet can lead to power surges and damage to the electronics. To avoid this, the technical center uses a matching unit or a universal electrical kit.

After complete installation of the towing device, you must attach the trailer and check the operation of brake lights, running lights, and turns.